E-commerce article: Selling in the U.S., Selling Global

How does e-commerce work?

Focus E-commerce - selling in the U.S., Selling Global

In this publication, Amazon offers simple ways to reach buyers worldwide. The workshop was devoted to how the trading platform can help companies expand their business abroad, including the U.S. market.

Amazon's Vision

Our first speaker, Rolf A. Kimmeyer, said that Amazon's vision is to bring all sellers and buyers worldwide into one business area, thus creating a truly global trading platform.

Success Story

While our second speaker, Cyprian Iwuć, said Amazon could be viewed as a vast interactive ecosystem supporting sellers across all vital functions for their business. For a few years now, his company Rainbow Socks has been using sea cargo transportation to ship their goods to the U.S.

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Article selling in the U.S., Selling Global